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What you get with this Offer

As an expert Amazon Consultant with over 10 years of experience, many new and existing clients have already benefited from this service as a Custom Order, they have all been so pleased with the results that I thought I should offer this service to other Amazon sellers out there, sellers like you!

Do you currently sell on or
Are you struggling to achieve the sales your products deserve?
Do your competitors sell more units than you and you can't figure out why?
Do you have aspirations on being a full time Amazon seller but not achieving your dreams?
Have you invested time and money and are now worried you won't be able to make a go of it?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then my audit is for you!

I will go through your Amazon UK or US Selling account with a fine tooth comb and look at all areas and identify improvements. Time after time my clients are unaware of the areas I highlight, or that these areas can even make a difference to their Amazon sales ranks!

This audit is the perfect way to discover what areas you can work on to make a success of selling on Amazon.
The audit won't do the required work for you, but it will tell you what to do and which areas need focussing.

I'll be looking at the issues that you have, and providing examples of suggested improvements that can be made. I won't need to look at each of your products for this, and you'll be able to check and work through and action the examples with existing products, or new products as you create them.

When conducting account audits, I look at many factors. To avoid sending you a list of ‘ticked boxes’ I only include the issues/action points to tasks that will make a difference. Some large, some small; all of them contributing to improved performance.
The information is provided as a PDF text document and may have accompanying attachments. No charts, graphs or tables to get your head round, just plain English (and usually a couple of spreadsheets to view).
This service is for learning about what you don't already know so if there are any parts of the document you don't understand, just ask and I will break it down further for you.

Purchase the service today and find out what you're missing!

You need to be running an Amazon Professional Selling Account. I will need you to add me to your User Permissions in Seller Central (learn more by searching 'User Permissions' in Seller Central). I will send instructions once we're started.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

1) Please confirm that you have a Professional Selling Account (fee paying account) on or .com, if not you will need to upgrade your account to enable me access to carry out the audit.
2) Please give me a brief overview of your problem/issues with selling on Amazon. Are your sales low, are you struggling with PPC or other areas?
3) If you have a mix of Private Label (PL) and other wholesale/arbitrage products, please identify your PL products to me.