Most Wanted 2020 Freelance Skills – our predictions

To celebrate the dawn of a new decade, we’ve been looking back over the past year to predict what will be the most wanted freelance skills in 2020. Are you hoping to gain more freelance jobs this year? Check whether your skills are in demand by reading this blog post.

Based on our own data from 2019, we expect the following skills to be extremely coveted by PeoplePerHour buyers throughout 2020.

#1 Video creation

Video marketers receive an average of 66% more leads per year than other content forms. The ability to create and edit videos whether that be digital animation or real life videos is an extremely valuable skill as more and more businesses will choose this marketing route.

#2 Content editing

The rise of SEO and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) as a method of being ranked higher on Google has led to an explosion of brand content. Most organisations know what they want to say but don’t have the time to distil and perfect their message. This is where content editing skills come in extremely handy and those who possess these skills will continue to achieve work tweaking website copy, editing scripts, creating brand guidelines, guides, infographics and plenty more.

#3 Animation

Animation has soared in popularity as brands realise the potential that this skill can bring to the table. With animation, it is possible to create entire worlds and plush advertising without even leaving the desk, removing the need for expensive real-life locations and actors. From 3D modelling such as freelance cad design to freelance game developers, character creation and architecture, there are various animation services in high demand.

#4 Logo design

This one is pretty obvious. After all, every business requires a logo and the initial design is often a jumping off point for further logo-related work such as animation, gifs, social media assets and video.

#5 Article writing

Be it creating an SEO-motivated feature or a company culture piece, article writing is a desirable skill as  companies strive to make their brand a hotbed of authoritative content.

#6 Illustration

Many corporate brands are moving away from stock imagery and using illustration due to its softer, more playful approach. Illustration is generally a more interesting way to display content and feels more personal which is important in an age where consumers are demanding transparency and the human touch.

#7 Graphic design

Graphic design will continue to be a hugely attractive skill this year as the demand for websites and marketing collateral and product creation continues apace.

#8 Brochure, leaflet and flyer creation

You might assume that in today’s internet age the demand for physical marketing literature would be in decline. Not so, last year these skills came in the top 15 of requests from buyers.

#9 HTML expertise

Approximately 380 new websites are created per minute (!) so the demand for HTML wizards is certainly not slowing down.

#10 Data entry

Data helps businesses to understand their demographic and ultimately create better products and services. With this huge data drive comes a need for admin input which helps businesses to organise and utilise this information, be it via the mediums of data analysts or data scientists.

Are you looking to diversify as a freelancer? Websites such as Skillshare and Udemy can help you to gain a host of new skills.