How to create a Black Friday social media campaign in 2022

Are you looking for Black Friday social media campaign tips to set you apart from the crowd? Given just how congested the market is for providing Black Friday deals to customers and social media followers, it pays to nail your marketing campaign from start to finish.

With many shoppers just waiting for those killer deals that Black Friday offers, companies are missing out if they don’t meet expectations. And, just as it is in many other aspects of our lives, social media is now essential for companies, especially when spreading the news about their Black Friday deals.

But how can you put together a compelling social media campaign for this festival of savings? As always with social media, every post matters, so here are our top tips for making the most of your Black Friday social media campaign.

Getting the word out

Social media is a great tool for informing your customers about your business activity. From giving people advanced notice of your sales to having a more personal connection as you respond to their enquiries by direct message, social media improves engagement.

It’s the perfect tool to get the word out about your Black Friday deals and start promoting the amazing offers that your customers would be foolish to miss out on. Promotion is a huge part of a successful marketing campaign because, naturally, if people don’t know you are offering something, they won’t buy it.

The more followers you have, the wider your reach and the better your chances of sales conversions. But, if your follower count isn’t as high as you would like it to be, a freelance Facebook marketing expert can help boost your traffic and give your Black Friday campaign a shot in the arm.

Time-restricted deals

One tactic that works well in Black Friday marketing is the time-sensitive deal. Amazon’s Flash Deals are a great example of a time-restricted deal as customers know they only have a certain period before the deal runs out, or they might miss out before then if enough people have already bought the item.

This creates a sense of urgency that encourages more people to act swiftly. Brands can use their social media channels to showcase their time-restricted deals, counting down to the deal itself as well as urging followers to act quickly.

Team up with influencers

Social media influencers are a marketing tool utilised by companies to great effect. Projections show brands will spend a record $4.6 billion on influencer marketing by 2023, indicating that many see value in it. Providing an influencer with an exclusive discount code for their followers while they review or unbox your products is a great way to generate additional interest in your brand.

However, finding the right influencer is important as they must not only bring additional eyes to your Black Friday social media campaign but they and their followers must align with your values. Influencers bring a wider reach and more eyes to your brand and your Black Friday deals but if their followers do not resonate with your brand it may be an ineffective exploit.

Video content is essential

With an impressive 6 out of 10 people preferring to watch online videos over television and 84% of people convinced to purchase after watching a video, brands must focus their activities on this form of content. Social media users are keen on video content so companies and brands must make a concerted effort to provide high-quality content.

Video is more engaging and helps build a buzz for your brand and your promotional offers. Combined with good video production such as infographics, slides and professional footage, customers feel more confident about your social media marketing campaign.

Recurring URLs

Many companies feel the need to create a brand new page on their website each year dedicated to their Black Friday social media campaign. They may also create additional new pages for other annual sales and calendar events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, bank holidays, etc.

However, this can be detrimental to your online presence and it’s not an ideal SEO technique. For example, Google offers its best practices to businesses for these events and it suggests it’s more useful for SEO rankings to use a recurring URL rather than a fresh one each time you have a sale.

Experts at Artemis Marketing, a digital marketing and SEO specialist, back this theory up. “Thanks to years of experience we see specialist pages using a recurring URL benefit from a static page as this retains the ranking profile that new pages do not have and naturally resurfaces when it becomes relevant again.”

By always displaying your Black Friday marketing page it ensures that it doesn’t fall off in the rankings when next year’s sale rolls back around. Of course, it’s important to update the information each year to ensure it is current otherwise this can be punished in the rankings or seen as outdated by Google.

Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags remain a fundamental approach to increasing the number of eyes on your brand and Black Friday social media campaign. Using the Black Friday hashtag helps you to connect with potential customers looking for deals, helping them to find your products and services.

But we can take a lesson from SEO to help make this process more effective. Smaller companies competing for more generic keywords find themselves dwarfed by much larger competition, making it next to impossible to make inroads in digital marketing.

Alternatively, by effectively using long-tail keywords, which are more specific by location or product description, companies can outrank their closest competitors. This also applies to hashtags and a company may wish to use geo-specific terms in conjunction with Black Friday tags.

With approximately 70% of page views coming from long-tail keyword searches, companies can ensure they are found on social media with the right terminology. Partnering up with a freelance social media expert can help fill the gaps in your knowledge to ensure you are using your platforms effectively not just for Black Friday but throughout the year.

Instagram shops and freebies

Perhaps the ultimate in a Black Friday social media campaign is using a process that means your customers don’t even leave the platform to make a purchase. Instagram Shopping allows brands to curate catalogues and collections that feature on people’s newsfeeds.

But, while free, these Instagram Shopping stores can take several days for the platform to verify so ensure you set one up in good time to avoid disappointment on Black Friday. Combined with gifts for completing purchases, these shops can be an effective social media tool for Black Friday. After all, who doesn’t like a freebie?

Discounts are aplenty on Black Friday so why not aim for success by offering something different like a giveaway for your long-term social media followers?

Incorporating free stuff into your Black Friday strategy can be as simple as no shipping fees or a gift with any purchase using a code from your social media post. But to ensure this is an enticing offer, it must be something that customers actually want. Giving away a free pen isn’t going to cut it!