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How To Create An Appealing Freelancer Application

The quality of our freelancers is paramount to the quality of our platform. That’s why we take freelancer applications very seriously. But, how can you make sure that your application is appealing enough to ensure it will be approved by our moderation team? Here are some simple steps to kick-start your career on our platform.

When you sign up to PeoplePerHour as a freelancer, you will be prompted to complete an application process in order to start selling. This process entails 5 steps that require specific information for our moderation team to approve so that your profile can go live on the site.

The applications are screened within 2 business days and freelancers that have their application approved can start sending proposals to projects and posting offers straight away.

  1. Tell Us About You

Make sure you provide us with a genuine profile picture. Pictures such as illustrated pictures of you, your logo design, cartoons, or fake pictures will be rejected from our moderation team.

You must not add contact details in the about you section or in any documents uploaded. and hence we request you to remove any contact details from the samples / CV that you may upload. If our moderation team finds contact details in any area of your profile your freelancer application will be rejected.

  1. Select Your Skills

Use small case characters to add your skills. Remember: The more you add the better!

  1. Add References

We ask for links to websites, Facebook or Linkedin Accounts so that you can demonstrate the quality of previous work that has been completed by you. It’s a chance to prove to us that you have the necessary skills as well as showing off your portfolio to potential buyers.

  1. Set Your On-Site Preferences

As a freelancer on PeoplePerHour, you have the option to work both remotely and on-site. Make sure you select the option that suits you better, as otherwise you may be recommended jobs that are not suitable. We also require you to fill in your postcode, as this allows us to select the most appropriate jobs available to you.

  1. Personalise Your Application

Try not to be too generic. The more details you can provide, the stronger your profile will be in attracting buyers.

Once you have completed your freelancer application, our moderation team will review it and approve within 2 working days! As soon as you receive confirmation of your approval, you are ready to ready to land your first client! Best of luck and we wish you lots of success on our platform.

If you have any problem with your freelancer application kindly contact our customer support team at

Natalie is PeoplePerHour Customer Experience Manager. Her customer service involvement started back in 2009 when she worked for Apple Inc. Now, she is closely working with our Product Team while her main purpose is to keep PeoplePerHour users happy and make sure they have the finest experience under our platform.
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