10 ways to make your new logo shine

So, you’ve got a shiny new business logo and you’re ready to grow your empire. What’s the next move?

A business logo is much more than a box to tick off the business checklist. Your logo feeds into your packaging, your web design, your social media presence, business cards, marketing collateral, even the uniforms your staff wear. Basically, your logo is a very big deal.

Discover 10 ways to showcase and implement a logo across your business.

1. Business cards

We know what you’re thinking: “Everything is online these days, why do I need to have business cards?”

It’s true that we consume most things digitally. However, as humans we’re also fickle. The average person sees 5,000 adverts per day. Having something tangible to hand out to clients that they can hold onto is extremely useful.

Find a freelancer to create business cards.

2. Social media graphics

If you have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter business page, you’ll want to add a profile and cover photo showcase your new visual identity. Social media profiles come with a whole host of different image dimensions which can be super tricky to get right. Be careful of overstretching your logo or using a low-res version which will end up looking pixelated. If in doubt, it’s always best to ask a graphic designer to help you nail this.

Find a graphic design freelancer.

3. Labels and packaging

This one is pretty obvious. If you manufacture products of any kind then of course you’ll want to brand them accordingly so that people recognise you.

Find a packaging freelancer.

4. Website design

A website without a logo is like a house without a front door. Ensure that your new identity takes pride of place in your digital shop front.

Find a web design freelancer.

5. Branded merchandise

Business swag is essential to get your brand out there. Whether it’s t-shirts for your staff to wear at events or branded tote bags, merchandise is marketing gold dust and free advertising.

Find a merchandise and clothing freelancer.

6. Email templates

Are you in the business of emailing your customers? In addition to a dedicated company email address, you’ll want to create an email template that’s distinctive and includes your business logo. Having a dedicated template helps to build trust and shows professionalism.

Find an email design freelancer.

7. Signage

Any business that hosts clients or has visitors needs an up-to-date sign. Even if you’re running your business from an underground bunker. Actually, that last part is up for debate.

Find a signage freelancer.

8. Advertising

Advertising takes many forms. From physical advertising on the side of buses and on street corners to digital banners, display ads and videos, the list of potential is endless.

Find a banner advertising freelancer.

9. Animation

Animation allows you to do more with less. Whether you want to see your logo flying through space or lit up next to a beach in the Maldives, this is all possible with animation. From animated GIFS to 3D typography, there are various ways to grow your business using animation.

Find an animation freelancer.

10. Brand books

As a business expands, creating a brand book which includes your tone of voice, fonts, colours and guidelines helps you to stay consistent with your vision and also educates internal staff and clients.

Find a brand book freelancer.

Feeling inspired?

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