Trust & Safety

How to stay protected and enhance your experience on PPH

PeoplePerHour is a Community built around Trust. Your safety is our Number 1 concern.

1. Always pay through PPH

Paying outside of PPH leaves you unprotected. Use the WorkStream for all your communications and payments so that if the work starts going wrong there is a clear trail of evidence.

2. Contact our 24/7 Support

We have a 24/7 Customer Support at PPH that’s here to help you, whatever you may need. If you are starting to have issues with the Buyer or the Freelancer you best contact our Customer Support Ninjas sooner rather than later. Our Customer Support Ninjas will help you stay protected and get back on track. All enquiries are answered within the same day by our Customer Support Ninjas.

3. Report Abuse

Help us keep PPH clean: we moderate everything posted on PPH and screen out anything that falls in the below, however we are human and things may slip. If you notice anything that falls in the below or looks suspicious please click on ‘Report Abuse’ or contact our amazing Customer Support Ninjas.

  • malicious content
  • copyright infringement
  • pornographic images or content
  • nudity
  • racist remarks or comments
  • derogatory or slanderous remarks
  • images or instigation of violence
  • abusive language
  • URLs where the intent is to circumvent the site
  • low quality content
  • misleading content

Inclusion of any of the above may result in the deactivation of the Users’ account.

4. Follow our Posting Guidelines

Getting a good experience on PPH starts with you. The quality of the content you post will determine to a large extent the response and success you have.

We recommend you follow our Posting Guidelines as below:


  • Buyers love videos! Upload a video where you promote yourself.
  • Be original! What's different about what you have to offer?
  • Mention that your Offer is exclusive to PeoplePerHour. Place a reasonable price: this DOES NOT need to be your normal `per hour` rate... This is simply the price of your Offer


  • Mention if there will be follow-on work. Over half the projects on PPH result in follow on - that will make your project more attractive. The best people prefer to build lasting relationships
  • Define expectations clearly, giving examples where possible of the quality of delivery you expect and the timescales
  • Where taste is involved (eg design, writing, etc) make sure you provide examples of what you like. Someone can do a very good job which disagrees with your taste, so define it upfront
  • Mention how many iterations you expect in order to accept the final result
  • For larger projects break them down into milestones and review the work periodically
  • If you don’t have a budget just select ‘dont know’ rather than trying your luck
  • Be pragmatic! If you want a good project done do not enter a ‘im feeling lucky’ sort of budget. We are a quality site and rate reliability and speed higher than price. If you want a mediocre project done for next to nothing there’s probably other places to go!


The more detail you include in your Profile the higher the likelihood of having successful interaction. It’s important you make your Profile personable and friendly. Add a photo of you - not a logo. People want to interact with people not with an image. Write a short brief of your story and why it’s unique, why it’s different to anyone else’s. Everyone has a unique story - bring that to life!

5. Give Honest Feedback

Feedback is the heart of PPH. It creates a community of Trust and promotes quality and professionalism which is what makes PPH special. Help us strengthen that by giving honest and objective feedback when you complete a project to the other party.

If you feel you have been given unfair feedback please contact our Customer Support Ninjas and we will look at it.

6. Verify your Account

Verification of people’s authenticity is super important to our community, and we recommend you pay due attention to it in selecting who you work with. We provide numerous ways for you to verify your account which are all visible on your Profile:

  • Social Connections: by linking your Account with Facebook or Linkedin you build an extra layer of Trust with the user.
  • Phone verification: Coming soon!
  • Address Verification: Users can send us an electronic copy of their Address for Verification . Examples of acceptable documentation are; drivers licence with photo, recent utility bill, bank or credit card, documentation such as official ID cards.
  • Credit Card verification: as below.

7. Verify your Credit Card

Card Verification is a process whereby we validate that the card holder is the authentic owner of the Card for Fraud Prevention reasons. We recommend you do that straight away when signing up on PPH, as it will save you time, will show on your Profile as a means of extra validation and it means your payment will be processed faster.

8. Payment Fraud Prevention

Online fraud is a growing concern in the world of e-commerce. To battle it, our Support function has a dedicated Fraud & Payments specialist team whose mission is to keep you safe from Fraud. Using a combination of human intelligence and proprietary technology we constantly invest in, our team screens every single Payment made to detect and eliminate Fraud attempts. This may sometimes result in slower payments if the user is new and has no history through PPH. We ask you to bear with us as we strongly feel this is necessary to protect our community from Fraud.

9. General Safety Tips

  • If the Buyer is trying to get you do work for free under the promise that it’s a trial to be followed by future work, we strongly advise that you DO NOT accept it.
  • Never pay any money to Buyers and/or provide sensitive details like your Bank information, Credit Card or Passwords.
  • Never accept a project if you have been directed away from PeoplePerHour to another website.
  • Be cautious when providing your personal contact details (email, telephone number, instant message ID etc) before your Proposal is accepted.
  • If you have been asked to send samples, put a watermark on them or send low resolution examples to avoid being exposed and not getting paid.
  • Don’t start work before your Proposal is accepted and your Escrow deposit is made.
  • Keep your Escrow Account topped up and ensure that you use the WorkStream to track all pertinent details about the project e.g. timelines, deliverables etc.
  • Before you supply final works to Buyers, ensure you have adequate funds in Escrow.

Remember: if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!