I can review your Business Plan in confidence and give you feedback in 24 hours

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What you get with this Offer

Have you seen the programme Dragon’s Den on TV? Nine out of ten hopefuls who pitch for investment are sent away empty-handed. It’s not because their ideas are no good. It’s because their business plan isn’t as thorough and as complete as they thought it was.

They haven’t made their business plan watertight. They haven’t covered every angle.

How can I help? In 24 hours, I can go through your business plan with a fine toothcomb. I can make sure you’ve answered every question that investors are going to ask you. And I can let you have my detailed written feedback on exactly what you need to do to make your business plan pitch perfect.

I’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement – an NDA – so your plan is kept absolutely confidential and if you haven’t got an NDA I can supply you with an industry standard form.

Using my Express Review and Feedback service, you can feel confident you really are ready when you go into the dragon’s den and sit in front of potential investors. The cost is just £120.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the funding you want – because I don’t know your business idea yet - but I can guarantee that you’ll be in the ten per cent who are listened to and that investors will want to talk business with you – and not just send you away empty handed like most of the entrepreneurs they see.

I will also give you a free copy of my Amazon Kindle book “Find Your Funding: How to write a business plan that investors will want to read” which sells on Amazon for £25 ($37 in the US).

So contact me today. Let’s talk about your business plan and how to make sure it succeeds.

What's not covered in this Hourly: I'm afraid neither I, nor anyone else, can take a few rough jottings off the back on an envelope and magically transform them into a Business Plan. This service is for people who have thought through their project in enough detail to be able to estimate financials such as costs and revenue, and who have a draft plan that needs professional criticism and feedback.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

All I need to get started is a copy of your draft business plan in as much detail as possible, and any supporting information about your company or project.