Draft Cease and Desist Letter and Legal Notice

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A Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyright registration owner may send a Cease and Desist Legal Notice to the person who without having license or authorization from the owner uses or exploits the IP rights in his favour. The person so using illegally the rights is called infringer and the person aggrieved is the IP Property owner. The purpose of Cease and Desist Letter or Legal Notice is to require the infringer from immediately ceasing form what he is doing which constitutes infringement and desisting from doing so in future. This Notice also informs the infringer about the consequences if he fails to comply with the instructions contained in the Cease and Desist Notice. It may inform about a legal action by the plaintiff if the conduct in question continues. A Cease and Desist Letter is usually the first step towards litigation.

A Cease & Desist Letter is not limited to IP matters. It may need to be sent in a number of circumstances including Defamation, Slander, Libel, Family Harassment, Debt Collection Harassment and Breach of Contract.
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