How to Increase Your Social Media Presence


When done correctly, social media can be a secret weapon to your efforts to succeed online. But you’ll need to create content that cuts through the bloat. Every day, tons of social media content is published on social platforms. But the question is, what to do to ensure that you will reach the right audience? How do we increase YouTube views and subscribers, and how do we increase our Instagram following and achieve the holy ground of the revered blue tick?

If you’re a brand that’s planning on launching on social media very soon or already have a presence and are looking to perform better then look no further – we’ve got you covered. The same applies to everyone using social media these days as all of us will fall into either of these two categories. After all, social media has the largest audience and is free to reach tool for anybody and everybody.

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A picture tells a thousand words: opt for high-quality pictures

Among all our scrolling through the web and social media, there’s always the occasional picture that catches our eye and stays with us. Yet on the contrary, how many of us remember the 300-word long post that was equally likeable and useful? We live in a world of rapid consumption and it’s easy to forget that visual content is best for viewers to process information. Not only that, it’s one such type of content that’s highly liked and shared across social media platforms. To win on your content marketing efforts, don’t skip this part, it can be a gamechanger.

Higher resolution images are a visual treat to the eyes and enrich your profile’s look and feel, making your social media content look proper and professional at the same time. So if you’re someone who is decent enough with the camera, then you’ve nothing to worry about. If you’re not, remember that hazy and slow to download photographs are only pushing your audience away. Explore free high quality stock image sites like to get good quality images that won’t slow your site down.

If you’re a brand of your own, it is very important to stick to a quality content strategy in order to provide the best type of content for your audience. You can either buy copyrights for images or hire a freelance photographer to help you with this. And trust me that the money you spend is always going to be less than the attraction you gain.

Create user-generated content

84% of Millennials have some influence on their buying behaviour because of user-generated content. But then, what is user-generated content? It’s as simple as it sounds: it is any content that is related to the user. This can be user original posts, contest entries, product reviews or customer testimonials for example. Never forget that each visitor is a potential content creator and contributor to your social media brand.

In addition, existing and new users can also re-post, share or retweet the best-of-the-user-generated content, and then give credits to the original curator while featuring it.

When brands focus on the user’s experience, this can often exceed a brand’s own internal social media content if it makes the right connection. After all, it allows real users to tell real stories in association with the brand, hence adding a lot of credibility to it.

Supply and Demand

How many times do we use Google each day? How many times have you asked for a suggestion on the internet and have been informed by what other people are saying? Chances are, almost every time you face an issue, your first instinct is to Google it. And because the demand is really high, the need for supply is prevalent.

Employing the skills of an SEO expert for example, answering the “How-to” in the form of videos or tutorials are a major hit in the market. From “How to do a smoky eye” to “How to travel to Ladakh”, you can create useful content on anything and everything you know to answer questions posed by consumers. As a brand or an individual catered in a genre, the best content tip is to share the knowledge you’ve got. If you start providing what your audience wants, the value of your content marketing automatically increases. Use tools like Answer The Public to get ideas on what people are searching for that could be relevant to your brand and the kind of content your users will thank you for.

In order to look authentic to the audience and humanise their brand, one must also talk about themselves in their social media posts. This is called “brand positioning” and is an essential element in shaping up your presence and boosting your social media presence. This is largely because people are going to relate to what you do only when they know who you are.

Shoot videos and go live

CISCO’s reports suggest that 80% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of online videos by 2021. For any scalable business, marketer or individual trying to establish themselves, video is definitely the key to success. It has also been noticed that people prefer video content four times more than any other form of content in social media, due to their easily consumable and relatable format.

While relying on videos to attract an audience is a great idea, opting for live video is greater if you have the nous to get it right. According to Facebook, people spend three times the amount of time watching a live video than watching a video that is not live. Basically, the user is not only attracted to the moving pixels, but also to the action in real time and the sense of real time immersion with a given brand or influencer.

Much like weddings, live videos are the newest viral trend. A great example of a live video is to shoot backstage. It could be a tour of your office space or a sneak peek into team bonding activities. Maybe it’s a behind the scenes of a music studio following the release of your favourite band’s new record. It could even be a video of you interacting with your followers to create relatable content, or asking viewer questions. Many brands have taken up live video to boost their social media engagement, and so should you!

While the above-mentioned points are not a hard-and-fast rule-book, they are definitely some valuable content tips to keep in mind. Because they talk about the type of content that is not only enriching your feed but also attracting the customers.

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