The PeoplePerHour 10th Birthday Party!

We don’t know if you realised, but this year PeoplePerHour turned 10. It might not seem that we are very old compared to some other businesses, but for us, this is a huge milestone. PeoplePerHour started in a small way, but we always knew that it wouldn’t be long before we achieved our dream, and we definitely are closer than ever now.

To celebrate this pretty epic birthday achievement, we decided to throw a birthday party with a bit of a difference. Whilst there was not going to be any cake, we had plenty of other amazing things and best of all, we decided to invite all of the freelancers who work so hard within the platform, to join us.

The party

Held in the incredibly funky Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho London, our party had an atmosphere and vibe that was really hard to beat. It was a networking event as much as it was a celebration, so that meant that the early part of the night was a chance for freelancers to meet others just like them and hopefully swaps some cards! Canapes were brought around and the drinks were flowing and those there were ready to listen to two incredibly interesting talks that we going to be presented.

After this, the time came to let our hair down and party. The DJ played some amazing tunes, the photobooth was never empty and everyone was having a pretty great time!

The awards

When we started out planning this event, we decided that we didn’t want it to only be a celebration of how far we have come, but also that it was going to be a celebration for those who have helped us to be what we are. The talented freelancers and small businesses who use our portal on a daily basis.

So, with this in mind, we decided to have the PeoplePerHour Awards. These awards looked at a number of different categories spread throughout the portal and celebrated those who were excelling in not only a great service but the quality of their work too.

Check it out!

Sad that you missed out on all the fun of our birthday party? You can check out the photos as well as video of some of the highlights and the talks on our Facebook and YouTube. If you were lucky enough to attend, then why not tag yourself?

We are sure, that in another 10 years time, we will be celebrating yet another amazing milestone in the PeoplePerHour journey and throwing an even more impressive party!