INFOGRAPHIC: PeoplePerHour reveals 2017 Startup City index

In a new study conducted by PeoplePerHour, we list and rank the best cities for startups! We used a variety of data to rank each city according to the factors we thought would most impact startups. Where city data was not available country data was used and equal points given to each city within that country. For example, best for doing business points were given according to the World Bank Doing Business country rankings and NYC, LA Miami and San Diego were given equal points for this metric. Similarly Starting a Business was based on country wide rankings. All others were city based.

Metrics used for startups:

  • Quality of life
  • Cost of Living
  • Rent
  • Starting a business
  • Office space
  • Monthly salary
  • Best country for business

Rankings for each metric were added up to give an overall city ranking. See the exciting results below! Now, who’s ready to pack their suitcase and startup their dream business? 😉

Don’t forget to take our fun Startup City Index quiz on Survey Monkey! We think you’ll be surprised when we announce the answers!