What’s the difference between PeoplePerHour and TalentDesk.io?


In 2007, the PeoplePerHour team set out to connect a community of expert freelancers with small businesses and start-up enterprises.

Eleven years later, PeoplePerHour has connected over 750,000 clients to over 1,500,000 freelancers, and paid out over £100 million to the freelancer community, placing it at the forefront of the freelancer marketplace in the UK and Europe.

Empower Small Businesses and Startups

PeoplePerHour empowers people worldwide to live their work dream. The core mission is to support entrepreneurs and small business owners to build their businesses and become financially and professionally independent.

The PeoplePerHour freelance community consists of professionals from 150 countries with almost every skill you can imagine. From master content writers to specialist coders, graphic designers, social media experts, voice over artists, talented illustrators and much more. Freelancers are available to hire by the hour or by the project and are always there to support small businesses to achieve their goals.


With the sustained rise of freelancing, in 2016 PeoplePerHour realised that larger companies needed more than just a freelancer marketplace to thrive. When dealing with multiple freelancers you start having to deal with recurring talent pools, team projects, multiple invoices and so on; so a new product was needed to handle these complex challenges. TalentDesk.io is a secure, cloud-based platform developed for organisations who need to engage and manage their contingent workforce. Put simply, TalentDesk.io is a Freelancer Management System. For full info on features please read: What is a Freelancer Management System – and Why You Need One.

Tailor-Made, Scalable and Flexible

TalentDesk.io brings both full time and freelance staff into projects where they can cooperate. This means retaining access to talent pools like PeoplePerHour, but adding custom on-boarding, project management capabilities and automated payments.

TalentDesk.io allocates a specialist to help you build a tailor made solution that fits your needs. Whether you want us to leave you completely alone or need a stabilising hand throughout the entire process, we are there to support you. Key features include the ability to:

  • Invite your recurring freelancers into your talent pool
  • Allow freelancers to apply to your talent pool via your website or LinkedIn page
  • Staff projects with multiple people by searching for skills within your talent pool
  • Keep track of project budgets and timelines
  • Allow freelancers to raise worksheets within each project
  • Automatically pay freelancers through the platform once you approve their worksheets
  • Much more…