Moments from our birthday party in pictures and videos

The echoes from our 10-year birthday celebration are strong. If you’ve missed the party, we’ve collected the best moments for you!

The happiest moments are those right in front of you!

The big day summed up in one minute…


It’s been 10 years… What’s next?

Our CEO, Xenios Thrasyvoulou, kicked the night off with a welcome speech, sharing the future vision for PeoplePerHour and the on-demand economy.


What is it like to work with freelancers?

Serial entrepreneur and avid PeoplePerHour user, Helmut Okike, takes us on a journey relating his stories of turning ideas into profitable businesses, made possible by freelancers.


The future of learning and skills

People who are successful in undergoing transitions are risk-takers, they have tolerance for uncertainty, and openness to experience ‘to act their way into change’. 

In her short talk, professor Anoush Margaryan discusses how online labour platforms transform the ways in which people learn and develop professionally in the workplace.

Prof. A.Margaryan is running a workplace learning survey. Please help her gather enough data to continue her amazing work on the future of learning and skills for freelancers! It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes.


The party vibe in pictures