Presentation on MicroServices on Docker Athens

Spyros and Panagiotis recently gave a presentation at a coworking space in Athens (The Cube), at the Docker Athens community meet up, concerning Micro Service implementation and tools / techniques we use in PPH.


Topics covered were:

  • What is a micro service architecture
  • Advantages in code procedures, team dynamics and scaling
  • How container services such as docker assist in its implementation
  • How to deploy code in a micro services architecture
  • Container Management tools and resource efficiency (mesos, kubernetes, aws container service)
  • Scaling up

At PPH we are becoming great fans of MicroService Architecture and the benefits this may bring to team dynamics as well as scaling / performance of our infrastructure. We will be posting our news on moving from a monolithic app to a microservice app so if this is a topic that interests you, watch this space!


Following are the slides of the presentation.

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