Product update: Very important buyers

Attention PPHers!

We all like to be valued, recognised and appreciated for the things that we do. At PPH we respect all of our members and strive to make PPH a better platform for all.

That is why we are rolling out the red carpet and announcing the launch of our extra special new feature, V.I.B. (Very Important Buyers)!

V.I.B Explained

V.I.B represents the top 1% of Buyers on our platform.

If you are a Seller, being contacted by someone with a V.I.B badge allows you to identify them as a good, experienced PPH Buyer.

If you are a Buyer, having a V.I.B badge can make you feel like a superstar! Not only will it help you attract high quality proposals, but also being a V.I.B feels great!

The V.I.B Badge

If you have a V.I.B badge it will be displayed on your Profile, Job Descriptions and WorkStreams.

Example Job Description View


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