Important announcement regarding service fees

As you know, on March 21st we introduced a new Service Fee scheme. Specifically, newly registered Sellers from that date onwards have been subject to a 20% Service Fee for the first £500 | €600 | $650 earned within the month. For any work billed above said threshold the Service Fee is set at 5% (read more about PPH Fees here).

Established and loyal members, worry not! To date we have honoured the Service Fee scheme that was applicable at the date you registered to avoid incurring any fee increases.

Going forward, so as to be be fair to everyone, we will continue honouring this for our regular and loyal Sellers. Lapsed Sellers who may return at a later date will transition to the new scheme.

Therefore, starting on May 1st if your minimum billing per calendar month is £50 | €60 | $65, you will continue to enjoy your established fee scheme, without any increases. We deliberately set the bar low at only £50 | €60 | $65 in order to make the goal easily attainable!

Bear in mind that if you do miss the monthly goal, you will automatically fall into the newly designed Service Fee scheme. Therefore we advise you to remember to invoice Buyers regularly!

Kind regards,

The PPH team