How to increase your chances of achieving a recommended proposal

As a freelancer, how can you make sure that your proposal receives the recommended tag? We’ve gathered some valuable tips to help freelancers increase their chances of getting their proposals recommended by us.

6 tips to boost your proposals

  1. Ensure the proposal amount is as close to the project budget as possible.
  2. Gain repeat buyers. If you’ve worked together in the past, you’re more likely to be relevant to the buyer. This will also make fees drop – awesome!
  3. Make sure that your skill set matches the requirements of the project.
  4. Continuously deliver happy clients. If you have demonstrated that you are keeping your clients happy, then it’s more likely we will recommend you. Especially if your good track record matches the category of the project.
  5. Answer any interview questions that the buyer has requested. This is not mandatory but will clearly help improve your proposal relevance.
  6. Tailor your proposal to each project. Make sure you don’t use a generic description.

The final point is worth noting. Proposals will rank lower if the proposal text closely matches your other proposals. If you send the exact same proposal multiple times, each time only changing the greeting (“Hello Bob”, “Hello Sam”, etc), these proposals will be ranked lower, and therefore have a much lower chance of being recommended. We’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t use templates, but just make sure that you tailor the proposal to the project you’re applying for.

Finally, keep in mind that missing a couple of the above tips doesn’t necessarily mean that your proposal won’t get recommended. However, you should consider these points when you’re putting together your next proposal.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you have a much higher chance of getting your proposals accepted by buyers.

Now, let’s get some proposals under the spotlight!