Benefits of working on for PeoplePerHour freelancers

This is why in 2017 we launched into the PeoplePerHour family, to make the life of the freelancers as well as the hiring managers more simple.

What is is a cloud-based platform developed for organisations who need to engage and manage their contingent and remote workforce. Put simply, is a Freelancer Management System.

For freelancers, becomes your go-to platform to accept projects, collaborate with Managers and other freelancers and submit your worksheets.

How does it benefit you?

Recently, has launched a feature called ‘Discover Talent’ into the platform. This feature offers the ability to search and hire talent from PeoplePerHour, directly from the dashboard.

If you’ve received a project invitation from then it means that a new client would like to invite you to their project team.

It might be new, but do not worry. Working via has several benefits for you, as a PeoplePerHour freelancer:

1) No fees is an entirely different operating model to a job marketplace like PeoplePerHour. This means that the biggest benefit is that freelancers do not pay any fees to work with clients on the platform. All of the money you earn, you keep.

2) Automatic, hassle-free payment

Another huge benefit for freelancers is the way handles payments. As part of the on-boarding process, you’ll be asked for your bank details so that the system can deposit your payments automatically. All you have to do is raise your worksheet every week. The client signs off on your work and your invoices are automatically processed.

3) No proposals

Because clients hand-pick freelancers either from the PeoplePerHour talent pool or elsewhere, there are no proposals to write. When you’re invited to their organisation you simply fill in an onboarding form and agree on a rate. When they choose to engage with you, they will invite you into a project. If you can deliver by the deadline, click “Accept” and you are all set to go.

4) Bigger, longer-term projects clients are typically larger organisations that work with many freelancers across multiple projects. These projects are usually not small one-off hourly tasks, but instead require a deeper commitment from both parties.

5) Repeat customers and reduced competition

If you are a top performer, working on will benefit your chances of winning repeat mandates too. This is because the system prompts every manager to submit feedback and a rating at the end of each project. If you outperform, you will come up to the top of their list for the next project. This provides you with more visibility and the opportunity to win more stable income. Furthermore, you will not be competing with everyone else on PeoplePerHour every time your client creates work.

6) Twice-monthly payment dates

Working on longer-term projects often means agreeing on milestone payments with clients. This, in turn, can mean long delays between payment dates, especially for sizeable projects. pays freelancers twice monthly, with automatic invoice processing on the 15th and last day of every month. Then, payment hits your account just a few days later.

7) Reminders to raise your worksheets goes beyond automatic invoice processing and payments. It will send a reminder to your inbox once a week to remind you to log in and raise your worksheets. By keeping a running log of your hours on platform, will automatically raise invoices pay at the appropriate times.

What happens next?

As a PeoplePerHour freelancer, all you need to do is accept the new T&Cs in the pop-up window that will display the next time you log in to your PeoplePerHour account.

Accepting these terms means that you agree to receive notifications from with invitations from enterprise clients. You can always opt out via the notification settings on your PeoplePerHour account.

We hope you enjoy your new collaborations with clients on!