Why you should outsource your marketing strategy

When considering a core area for growth, new customers and opportunities, marketing is practically the most important way to improve your business. However, before you can achieve this, you will need to delegate your marketing strategy to the professionals. This will give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Now many businesses may well look to being in a specialist arm of marketers, PR specialists and consultants to drive growth internally. That’s all well and good when there are time, resources and budget allowed for the hiring and training of marketing consultants.

However, that’s not always the case for all brands who need a shot in the arm sooner and more efficiently. If your business falls into this region, then instead of focusing on trying to keep up with growth by spreading the resources of your existing team, you should perhaps consider understanding the benefits of outsourcing marketing and look to hiring a marketing freelancer instead.

You probably think that outsourcing to a marketing freelancer or company would be expensive and it would be better to just do it yourself by growing an internal team. However as we’ve alluded to above, the truth is outsourcing marketing and your personnel will save you money.

Aside from that there are plenty of other benefits of outsourcing your marketing strategy and operations that make it more advisable than you may initially realise.

  • Experience & Expertise – when outsourcing your marketing you can take advantage of the knowledge of best practices found within a marketing freelancer or agency or even a consolidated group of experts. Outsourced resources will have experience in a variety of marketing operations and will understand what works best for businesses like yours. You will be buying into their wealth of expertise. Another vital area of their expertise comes with the potential understanding of your business and its competitors from a valuable 3rd party perspective.
  • Flexibility – outsourcing your marketing is much more flexible (not least cheaper!) than hiring staff and can be suited to your needs in terms of timelines, specific project focus or hours spent. For example, if your business is experiencing a “boom” stage, a larger budget can be injected into a marketing agency when required. Whereas, if you are going through a “bust” stage, marketing budgets can be reduced quickly to suit your business and you are not tied to a long-term company employee. This ultimately takes pressures off justifying why long-term budgets are being spent on marketing efforts if you fall into the latter, and at the same time allows you to ramp up efforts on demand if times are good.
  • Full Professional Service: The Agency Argument – when outsourcing your marketing, investing in a marketing professional is sometimes the best thing to do because you may not be getting all the benefits that are possible. Is the person being creative, strategically minded, customer centric, a professional graphic designer, knowledgeable in web development and aware of marketing legislation? Unless they’re some sort of 21st century renaissance man or polymath, you will probably not find these attributes entirely in one person. With that in mind, there are certainly times when you may want to consider investing in a marketing agency as opposed to an individual or freelancer. This will give you access to a full team of individuals who specialise in each of these subjects, allowing you to get more value for your money and potentially broaden your scope further.
  • Time Saving – one of the other benefits of outsourced marketing, particularly with freelance onboarding. The hiring process can be time consuming as we all know, so you’re are also likely to save a lot of time if you’re looking for external support. Instead of sourcing, interviewing and training potential marketers, you can gain access to an individual or a team of professionals as passionate about your brand as you are.
  • Cost Saving – We’ve probably already put this point across pretty clearly in this guide so far, though it goes without saying that outsourcing is cheaper than the cost of hiring a full-time professional and all the overheads that come with it. It also allows you the benefits of having experts on an as-needed basis. This saves you company money and time that can be used for other tasks vital to your growth.
  • Full Access – with the right individual or team, you will get complete access to all the data, tools and the services provided by the professionals in question. There will be no hidden fees and the service will be provided with total transparency. You may even have a chance to gain additional insider data you wouldn’t have had access to before by having look ins to new tools. This will also allow the company to run automated without having to worry about marketing initiatives.


Investing in an outsourced route for marketing support will not only save you time and money but will also allow your marketing activity to become bespoke to your business.