What to remember when choosing a freelancer

  1. You’re not looking for the cheapest freelancer – you’re looking for the best you can afford.
  2. Most freelancers are open to negotiation.
  3. The further away your freelancer, the more you need to consider the difference in time zones.
  4. Candidates quoting low hourly rates could well take much longer than those quoting higher rates.
  5. Low price… fast turnaround… high quality work – you’re never going to get all three at once, so decide which two are most important to you.
  6. If you’re looking for a freelancer to take on a big complicated job, it’s worth offering them a much smaller, related test job to make sure they’re right for the big one – paid, of course.
  7. Rapport is important – you can get a better idea of how well you and a candidate could work together with a quick Skype conversation on some aspect of the job.
  8. It’s worth checking out a candidate’s social media presence – both on business-related platforms like LinkedIn and on party platforms like Facebook. After all, that’s what big companies do when they’re recruiting.

When outsourcing a project to a freelancer…

  • Make sure their proposal is exactly in line with your requirements.
  • Emphasise that you’re available if they ever need to contact you.
  • Transfer the funds to show your commitment.
  • Accept the proposal.
  • Keep in touch throughout the project.
“Since TransferGo site is available in 6 different languages, we are constantly in need of various types of content to cater to each market’s needs. We mainly use freelance writers and graphic designers to help out our marketing team to achieve quick results and organise urgent campaigns. The speed of delivery, direct contact with freelancers and quality assurance are the main reasons that made us choose PPH. It helped us to put up the entire website in different languages and start our automated marketing campaigns. PeoplePerHour also enabled us to craft our SEO outreach campaign in terms of written content and design collateral.”
Guste Sadaunykaite
Brand & Communications Manager @TransferGo

Featured Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash