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Brexit Infographic: The Impact On The Freelance Industry So Far

In the latest section of our Brexit guide series, we are taking a look at some of the most interesting statistics that came out of our recent Brexit survey of 1,300 UK freelancers. Our infographic below demonstrates the concern among the freelance community in the UK, of how Brexit - when it finally happens - will affect, and has already affected the freelance economy.

We recently revealed that PeoplePerHour UK freelancers saw a 29% drop in income during the month of March, due to the Brexit mayhem leading to buyers significantly tightening their purse strings. Take a look through our infographic below to see the key Brexit thoughts and concerns of UK freelancers.

The key points of the Brexit infographic [May 2019]

  1. 91% of UK freelancers are not satisfied with the UK government’s handling of the Brexit process: Arguably, one of the most shocking – if not, surprising – statistics from the survey. A true demonstration of the almost universal disdain at the handling of Brexit in general since the referendum result was announced.
  2. 72% of freelancers who voted, voted for Remain: Many freelancers rely on working with clients across the EU, this is one explanation for why the majority of freelancers voted for Remain.
  3. 80% of freelancers say they have made no adjustments to prepare for the post-Brexit economy: Should freelancers be making more of an effort to protect themselves against the changes following Brexit?
  4. 29% – the drop-off in income for UK PeoplePerHour freelancers on the crucial days of the Brexit process during March: A stark reminder of the ongoing impact that Brexit uncertainty is causing.
  5. 43% of freelancers surveyed said they had already experienced a negative impact from the effects of Brexit: Almost half of freelancers have noticed their business being badly affected by Brexit since the referendum result.
  6. 35% of freelancers said their biggest Brexit concern was the end of free movement: It has been one of the big talking points throughout the Brexit process, and is, perhaps, unsurprisingly, the biggest concern for freelancers.
  7. 22% of freelancers believe there is no benefit that will come out of Brexit: These freelancers believe the outlook is bleak once the UK officially leaves the EU.
  8. 30% of freelancers would like to revoke Article 50: This was the most popular choice for freelancers when asked, “What would your preferred next step be in the Brexit process?”

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PeoplePerHour is Europe's leading freelance marketplace. Brexit is a key talking point in the freelance economy currently. This Brexit guide can help you understand and prepare for the potential implications over the following months.
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