Tech Level up

With the new PPH website out the door, we have adopted many new technologies within our team.
The new PPH site is still built with PHP. We use nginx as a proxy to Apache and running on multiple EC2 instances, with an RDS backend utilising multiple read-replicas. We use Solr for our full-text search. We use Amazon cloudfront to boost performance of hosting our main assets.
In our frontend, we are now fully using HTML5, the blueprint css framework and the YUI compressor to minify our JS and CSS which is automated as part of the deployment step. For our Javascript we use the module pattern to get a simple class like object hierarchy.
For devops, we are using puppet to orchestrate our machines in a scripted manner and webistrano for 1-click deployment.
It’s been a addrenaline filled 6 months building the new product but it’s nice to have that tech level up feeling!

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