I need legal translation

  • Tamara M.
    Tamara M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals15
Per Hour $$$

Mobile game text translation

  • Andy D.
    Andy D. United Kingdom
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $$

Korean Researcher/Translator

  • Bonnie M.
    Bonnie M. United Kingdom
  • Proposals2
Per Hour $14/hr

Need an Italian Translator - Urgent

  • Michael R.
    Michael R. India
  • Proposals30
Per Hour $$

Full Translation of a Website in Italian

Fixed Price $200

Translator Site Profile

  • Chaunette R.
    Chaunette R. Philippines
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Fixed Price $25

Spanish Translator required

  • Hassan R.
    Hassan R. United Kingdom
  • Proposals26
Fixed Price $

Translation - language file transalation

  • Brian N.
    Brian N. United States
  • Proposals24
Fixed Price $

Translation DE into FR

  • MD O.
    MD O. United Kingdom
  • Proposals2
Fixed Price $16

To attend a meeting to act as a translator

  • James E.
    James E. United Kingdom
  • Proposals2
Fixed Price $$

Ebay wizz and Latvian translation

  • Linda N.
    Linda N. United Kingdom
  • Proposal1
Fixed Price $10

Inov8 Translation

  • Stuart B.
    Stuart B. United Kingdom
  • Proposals12
Fixed Price $$

Translation of content articles

  • Mina K.
    Mina K. Belgium
  • Proposals20
Fixed Price $$

Looking for a English to Hindi translator.

  • Lubjana A.
    Lubjana A. Bangladesh
  • Proposals12
Fixed Price $

Spanish - French Translation

  • Noelia M.
    Noelia M. Spain
  • Proposals11
Fixed Price $45
Fixed Price $113

DANISH TRANSLATOR - I need an eCommerce site translated into Danish

  • Simon Q.
    Simon Q. Ireland
  • Proposals13
Fixed Price $$

Letter translation from English to Japanese

  • George F.
    George F. United Kingdom
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $29

Translation German to French 223 words

  • Brigit D.
    Brigit D. United Kingdom
  • Proposals2
Fixed Price $$

Translate a German website text into French

  • Cécile G.
    Cécile G. France
  • Proposals5
Fixed Price $$$