English to german translation

  • Erwann P.
    Erwann P. Switzerland
  • Proposals6
Budget $10/hr

English to Arabic translation

  • Javier P.
    Javier P. Italy
  • Proposals27
Budget $17

Translation from Dutch into French

  • Tranqui T.
    Tranqui T. Morocco
  • Proposals4
Budget $30

Urgent Translator French to German

  • Vamsi K.
    Vamsi K. India
  • Proposals6
Budget $11

Thai to English Translation

  • Carrie W.
    Carrie W. United Kingdom
  • Proposals4
Budget -

Translation French>English

  • Anneke T.
    Anneke T. United States
  • Proposals13
Budget -

English to swedish translator.

  • Heinrika M.
    Heinrika M. Canada
  • Proposals5
Budget $200

English to Dutch translator Urgent

  • Amriet B.
    Amriet B. Netherlands
  • Proposals14
Budget $55

I need a professional translator.

  • Jim K.
    Jim K. Japan
  • Proposals7
Budget $300

Turkish translation of fantasy novels

  • Noah L.
    Noah L. United States
  • Proposals12
Budget -
Budget $406

Romanian to English Translation - 23 pages

  • T S.
    T S. Moldova, Republic of
  • Proposals6
Budget $67

Translation from Spanish to English (UK)

  • Florence B.
    Florence B. United Kingdom
  • Proposals13
Budget -

I need translation of a legal document Urgent

  • AR M.
    AR M. Qatar
  • Proposals12
Budget -

Swedish Translator To Call Clients in Sweden

  • Mark B.
    Mark B. United Kingdom
  • Be the first
Budget $16

We are looking for an English Italian Translator

  • Phoebe Y.
    Phoebe Y. Hong Kong
  • Proposals21
Budget $20/hr

Copywriting/Translating Creating Texts

  • Olena K.
    Olena K. Czech Republic
  • Proposals8
Budget $22/hr

Greek to English Translation very urgent

  • Excel S.
    Excel S. Pakistan
  • Proposals7
Budget $11

Translator German into French urgent needed!!

  • Anita H.
    Anita H. Belgium
  • Proposals6
Budget $16/hr