Join us at PeoplePerHour is not for everyone. If you want a comfortable job, where you’re told exactly what to do, where there’s little or no change, no confrontation, where you don’t have responsibility or ownership then read no further.

Our values

At PPH we are fanatical about our values and we put them first and foremost above all else. We have come from humble beginnings and realise that what got us this far is hard work, determination and strict adherence to our core values which we look for in anyone we hire.

  1. Passion & energy: going above and beyond what others expect of us.
  2. Taking ownership: we hate people who pass the buck or inbox groomers
  3. Being different: Always questioning the status quo and pushing for radical change.
  4. Bonding with the team: Like a family with open and sometimes brutally frank communication.
  5. Sense of urgency: Pushing for things to get done and learning to do more with less.
  6. Daily amnesia: We’ve learnt to walk in every day and forget the past.
  7. Leadership: Always thinking ahead and putting others first.
  8. Constant learning: Through questioning everything…
  9. Punching above weight: Aiming really high.
  10. Constant step up: No room for complacency. And never give up.