Join us at PeoplePerHour is not for everyone. If you want a comfortable job, where you’re told exactly what to do, where there’s little or no change, no confrontation, where you don’t have responsibility or ownership then read no further.

Our values

At PPH we are fanatical about our values and we put them first and foremost above all else. We have come from humble beginnings and realise that what got us this far is hard work, determination and strict adherence to our core values which we look for in anyone we hire.

  1. We act like owners
    • We care about the business are proactive to achieve success
    • We are accountable as individuals and as part of a bigger team
    • We are resourceful and find a way to get things done by setting and hitting targets
  2. We constantly raise the bar
    • We are always asking questions and looking to improve the status quo
    • We go above and beyond the call of duty
    • We are innovative and flexible
    • We reflect on our own growth and performance to move and learn
  3. We are a team
    • We are clear communicators, making ourselves understood and seeking to understand others
    • We show empathy and are selfless
  4. We love honesty
    • We say it like it is
    • We don’t sugarcoat, add fluff or point fingers