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Talent has no nationality, no country, no boundaries. Why should your business act local in a global world?

Work with experts from anywhere in the world at no extra cost. We think every project deserves the best people.

What is PeoplePerHour?

We are revolutionaries debunking the archaic 9-to-5 work model. In 2007, our founder Xenios Thrasyvoulou started PeoplePerHour using pen, paper and a phone.

Fast-forward 10 years, and more than 1M people are using the platform daily to either find freelance work or find the best talent in the world.

We think we might be onto something.

What do we do?

We are a purpose-driven business. Everything we do stems from our desire to empower people around the world to do what they love and live the dream of being independent.

We connect talented experts with savvy businesses that search for the right skills to get a Job Done quickly and with no hassle.

We’re in the business of dreams.

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  • 2006
  • September, 2007
  • The big experiment is over. changes to and the adventure begins.

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  • January, 2008
  • The first version of the site goes live.
    Big day.
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  • September, 2008
  • Lehman Brothers collapse, pushing the global economy into shambles. And the company almost goes under as VCs back down. Back to the ol’ good bootstrapping.

  • January, 2009
  • Blessings from the sky. PPH secures $150k Angel investment to jumpstart the growth.

  • December, 2010
  • Christmas comes early, bringing the first venture capital money. Index Ventures injects $3.8M. All is merry and bright.

  • January, 2011
  • The engineering office opens in Athens with the first employee. Needless to say, we start shippin’ it.

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  • August, 2012
  • PPH gets a facelift. Site relaunches with new features, everyone falls for Hourlies.

  • December, 2012
  • Another merry Christmas ‘round the corner. The last private funds ($2M to be precise) flow in.

  • November, 2013
  • £$€! The gods be great.
    Business becomes profitable.

  • October, 2014
  • And here come champagne showers, all month long, as we hit $50M in Freelancer earnings.

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  • August, 2015
  • The 1 millionth member joins PPH!
    Top of the world feeling.

  • September, 2016
  • PeoplePerHour celebrates its 9th birthday with a bang!

    bday video
  • October, 2016
  • We pass the historic milestone of Freelancers collectively earning more than $100M through the platform.

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Elena Blogger & Inbound Marketer

It was a snowy, freezing afternoon and I was off on vacation in the mountains. Suddenly, my phone started buzzing – I just made the first sale, wow!

And then something crazy went on – I got one new sales notification after another!

Suddenly, I was booked solid until the end of the month and had to pause the Hourlie and refuse some clients for the sake of keeping up with the deadlines.

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Tim Creative Designer

I was born and raised in Canada. I’ve always had a passion for design, so I knew I wanted to do something in that field.

Once I received my degree in Graphic Design, my first step was finding a local business that was hiring.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many jobs in my area, so I thought -- the next best step would be to go online and expand my portfolio by doing work for others.

About Us - -
Annabella Copywriter & Brand Strategist

I got into freelancing because I love doing a variety of things, and I like working with different people. I couldn’t stand the thought of working in the same office everyday, so I set up on my own.

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