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Direction –
If only I could feel the way forward,
To grasp the reins of brutal direction.

If only I could smell it, the sweet aroma of direction,
The elevated smell of conduction,
The hearty scent of kings.

Far behind the pack,
They lead me,
I lead the wind.
The empty wind that fills my lungs with its hope.

The wind begins to carry me,
It lifts,
I leave my feeble body behind,
It carries me up,
We leave the barren shell.


The flare.

People speak of the flare arriving once again,
An entity a mere eight years of age,
It has been challenged.
Awake has become the sun.
Its flare flutters towards our earth.
Its aim absolute, its ambition beyond compare.
Dancing across the infinite vacuum, it gains momentum.
Fueled by memories of triumph,
Enduring a hardship no man could imagine.
The ever glowing pride of the Sun is blinding.
Its pupil has embarked on a journey once again.
Bringing joy to its teacher, its home, its friend.
It lands.
Held in the heart of a keeper, a dancer, it drives her movement.
The flare has arrived once again.

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