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What you get with this Hourlie

Probably the most important document a partnership will agree to. This document sets out the relationship between the partners. You will set out who does what, who is responsible for doing certain jobs and activities, who deals with the staff, who deals with the sales. It sets out from day one who does what and that prevents issues arising later on. After all, what’s the use in building up a multi-million pound business, only for it to break up because of the partners arguing?

Save money on the initial cost. The need to formalise any type of business partnership, agreement, or business? You have a choice, you can come to places such as our practice or that of our legal colleagues and more than likely pay anything starting from £600! Or buying direct from the partners in the practice and cut out the additional cost. Insured and Licenced to Practice, our lawyers have been drafting agreements since 1994.

The offer is for a simple agreement that can be framed and presented to you for approval inside five days. We hope you understand complex agreements cannot be included in this offer and we offer this hourlie on the understanding you present it to ourselves prior to acceptance in order to ensure you have the correct advice, where going to see a solicitor
face-to-face would be more appropriate.

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What the Seller needs to start the work

Full details of what you need. This will include, the type of business, types of agreement you are looking for. The parties and estimated value of the partnership/agreement/collaboration.

Details of the parties, name, address, if company, it's full details?
How long, if at all, the agreement has been operating informally?
Outline value of contract?
When it is needed (we quote three days, however simple agreements may take a few business hours, complex agreements or where information is not forthcoming may take longer than three days).
Other information that may not be at first apparent from either side.