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What you get with this Hourlie

There are 3 things that investors look for in a business plan. Communicating these 3 things in a clear, concise and structured manner reinforced by reliable data and validation is imperative.
1. Who does the business create value for? (Is there a market? Need x “willingness to pay”? Do you have a compelling value proposition? How big is the market?)
2. How does the business capture and/or redistribute that value? (Industry attractiveness, Competitor analysis, Industry value chain analysis, Strategy: mitigate industry challenges)
3. How does the business deliver the value? (Feasibility of the business model, Can you actually do it? Will you cover your costs & make profit?)

I have co-founded and led 2 associations that have advised and closely worked with 59 entrepreneurs in Paris and New Delhi to launch their startups including funding aspects. I realized that the initial ideation phase of a start-up really intrigues me. This 7 years of experience includes drafting business plans for refugees, pitching business plans to investors, meeting investors and getting feedback from investors. Through these experiences, I have learnt the key differentiating factors between a business plan that attracts investors and one that does not. The top 3 reasons because of which a business plan fails to attract investors are -
1. Missing one or more of the three things and/or their key components indicated above (Value Creation, Value Delivery and Value Capture)
2. Stating very important hypotheses or assumptions without supported by data or evidences
3. A haphazard structure or communication style that inhibits clarity

This hourlie will deliver you a business plan for your startup that
- does not miss the three important factors and their key components (Value Creation, Value Delivery and Value Capture)
- avoids the common mistakes of business plans that do not attract investors
- adopts the best practices of business plans that attract investors

I will deliver a business plan that includes -
1. Cover Page
2. Executive Summary
3. Table of Content
4. Company Overview
5. Product/Service
6. Market Analysis
6.i. Total Addressable Market
6.ii. Market Segmentation
6.iii. Competitive Landscape
7. Marketing Strategy
7.i. Targeting
7.ii. Positioning
7.iii. Channels
8. Industry Analysis
9. Business & Operation Model
10. Personnel
11. Financial Plan
11.i. Business Data
11.ii. Projections
11.iii. Fund raising
12. Exhibits

What the Seller needs to start the work

1. Detail of your business and project
2. A questionnaire to be filled on key aspects of your business
3. Supporting information and data
4. A call to discuss and brainstorm