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What you get with this Hourlie

You will notice that 95% + translators on this site are native Chinese. Its very rare to find someone like me (native English speaker) doing this work.

The advantages to this are that I fully understand what the English content is saying (ie I can read between the lines and give accurate translation of the MEANING, whereas Chinese people often can only translate the words and then the meaning is lost). Further, if you have ever had someone translate something from Chinese into English, you will probably notice although you can understand the meaning of the English, something about it "just doesn't seem right". Its obvious that the text was written by a foreigner

Further, ALL my translations are done with the assistance of a bi-lingual native Chinese person. This ensures perfect translation in any direction. We work together to get across not only the meaning, but also the nuances of the languages.

So if you want the best quality translation and speedy service then this is the hourlie for you. If budget is of #1 importance then we are not your guys. If you need cheap, there are many others available on PPH for less than us, but their quality can only match ours, our quality cannot be beaten that is for sure.

Please note this hourlie is for a maximum of 1 hour work. I don't charge per word as most translators do because it's impossible for me to offer such an estimate as the content and vocabulary of the document affects the speed of the translating. But to give you a ball park estimate, if the content is conversational then we can do about 400 words in one hour. If it's technical, probably 200.

Regardless of big or small jobs please contact me in advance so I can see what the job is and give you an accurate estimate of time and ability

Looking forward to working with you

What the Seller needs to start the work

Please contact me in advance before the purchase. I can't make any guarantees without knowing exactly what the job entails