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What you get with this Offer

When we work together, we ensure you get more value for your cash. This service will help support your business plan needs. We have a range of expert strategic planning consultants who can piece together a plan tailored to your businesses needs and objectives, to help you reach your full potential.
Our unique process of doing this is like having two triangles vertical to each other, facing the opposite way. The top point is your goals and aspirations, the bottom point on the bottom triangle is your business. We aim to chain these two together and pull them in, creating a diamond-like, kite shape. The reason we do this is because occasionally business operations need to change to reach a specific goal, and vice versa. We work from the top down and the bottom up to meet at the middle ground, so you can carry on moving forward. This gives you a tailored experience without any of the sacrifices.
We can help with services such as:
- Social media strategy
- Project/event planning
- Sales and marketing strategy
- Financial strategies and plans
- Mission / objective strategic planning
- Brand strategy
John Lasseter said “Quality is the best business plan” – And this is what we deliver - raw quality.
Message us to get the ball rolling, so we can see how we can help, consultations are free.
*** What about the price? ***
This is ‘price per hour’, each strategic plan can take longer/shorter depending on what service is being provided to your business.
We also try to work around budgets that make us so unique compared to other businesses. However, you will still be delivered quality work, that is vetted before delivery.
*** Why us? ***
If you're not convinced already, let me tell you why we are the best.
- Quality, custom-made plans for your business
- a range of services (custom made services) that are tailored to your needs, not ours.
- We try to reach your budget and even beat it (we will try and make it as low as we possibly can, for a high-quality service).
- A trustworthy, no-nonsense workforce that gets the job done ON TIME.
- we will always provide a fixed price before any project starts.
- our services will provide a range of advantages, whatever your needs to benefit you, and reach your goals.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

all we need from you is:
- what service you require from us
- what your overall goal/endgame is (if available) for this particular service
- what service or product it is you provide
After this, we will then discuss further requirements. Message us to find out