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What you get with this Offer

Are you spending between £500 - £10,000 per month on Google Ads and getting inconsistent or mediocre results?...

Are you spending more and more money but not seeing an uplift in the lead quality… or quantity from your Google Ads?...

Well, if so, I’m pretty sure I can tell you the reason why…

Hi, my name’s Steve Perry, I run a MULTI-AWARD-WINNING paid traffic agency… so managing paid traffic is what we specialise in… and it’s the only thing we do.

Most businesses who use an ‘agency’ to manage their account for them, actually are just hiring a web designer, or SEO person, who offer the service as an ‘add-on’ - they are not Google Ads specialists… and the problem when you don’t specialise is that you can’t do a genuinely world-class job.

I mean, if you need heart surgery say, who would you want to do the op?… your local GP or one of the top specialists in the land?

And Google Ads, are a lot like heart surgery.

When your account’s not being run to a genuinely world class standard, you pay the price… Literally!

It means you’re paying more money than you need for the leads, enquiries and sales that you’re getting… often a lot more.

In my full and comprehensive Google Ads Performance Review service, I look over your account and I PROPERLY document what I’m seeing… that includes the good stuff… but importantly, also the untapped goldmines of opportunity in your account.

Now, I don’t need your logins to do this - keep those safe and secure – I access your account via my Google agency account using the 10 digit ID you will find in the top-right hand corner when logged-in.

I’ll look at your account and if I see things that are wasting money and costing you leads, I’ll tell you exactly what and where - and document everything for you into a clear action plan.

For many years now I have been managing millions of pounds a year in Google Ad spend. It’s all me and my team do… and this means that we see things that others just can’t.

You see, smaller businesses spending between 1,000 and £10,000 on Google Ads each month, just don’t realise how much of their budget is being wasted every day… and how much that’s REALLY costing them, in terms of lost customers and revenue!…

Also, as a bonus for ordering today. Once I have completed the review, we will schedule a call together, where I personally talk you through the review.

It’s a really smart thing to do. Click the button now and let’s get started with that Review!

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

To start with all I need is your Adwords client ID number, after which I will send across an access invite so I can view your account.