Run OCR, remove watermarks, and convert your PDF files

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What you get with this Hourlie

You can't select the text in your PDF files?
You can either type up everything yourself or make the PDF searchable through OCR.

Optical character recognition (OCR) can convert:
> Any protected PDF
> A scanned document
> A photo of a document

Instead of uploading your files on unsafe third party servers for conversion, I offer you a cheap and secure method with high accuracy rate through professional OCR softwares. You don't have to waste time in manual typing.

If you have any concern, just shoot me a message and I can offer you a customized quote.
If you are unsure about the quality, I can also offer a free sample.

I look forward to do business with you.

Cheers !

Get more with Hourlie Add-ons

  • I can run OCR on upto 5 PDFs

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can run OCR on upto 10 PDFs

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Seller needs to start the work

Your PDF files and Specific requirements?