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What you get with this Hourlie

Crowdfunding helped millions of start-ups across the globe raise an estimated $34 Billion in 2015 and continues to transform and disrupt the landscape of business finance. The maze of crowdfunding is fast evolving and ever changing, it can be very daunting and overwhelming for new start-ups with an MVP and even established businesses looking for first round or seed funding whilst having to contend with major planning and other responsibilities for their business.

Questions need to be addressed - what type of funding? Equity, Reward, Debt, Property or Donation?

CROWDFUND HUB is a comprehensive bespoke guide, tailored to your business requirements.

After careful analysis of your business, the CROWDFUND HUB guide will make recommendations on the right crowdfunding platforms that best match your needs.

Based on your business idea, it provides a full and careful analysis of each of the chosen platforms - offers viable solutions on how to create and prepare a compelling campaign based on the development cycle of your business.

█ Examines timelines involved, explanations on the legalities especially the small print to look out for.
█ Cost Analysis Breakdown - pre-campaign and running the campaign itself.
█ The pros and cons, financial history including background on its Founders.
█ Case studies relating to your industry, examining success stories with examples of what they got right!
█ Business Plan templates & financials required for that platform.
█ Valuation & Validation - has this been carefully considered?
█ Crowdfunding tools & resources - recommendations on creating sales and marketing collateral, stunning visuals and videos that tell a story.
█ What to expect next in the long and short term in return for investment!

The CROWDFUND HUB is ideal for any business who is looking to raise finance through crowdfunding and who needs the reassurance and exposure of what to expect, how to get it right the first time and how much it will cost. It covers crowdfunding platforms in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, China, Middle-East, Asia and Africa.

What the Seller needs to start the work

Overview of your business and or Business Plan (NDA will need to be completed).
Questionnaire on funding requirements.
Pre-arranged Skype discussion.

NB 5 days turnaround is for the preliminary request for information and assessing the right crowdfunding platforms. Your bespoke CROWDFUND HUB guide may take up to 10 days for delivery.