Provide one hour of marketing advice, mentoring or business help

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What you get with this Offer

You'll get more than an hours worth !!

(Only £30 after your 1st hour)

Delivery date says 5 days BUT this can be delivered almost straight away. 5 Days gives us time to book a time for a call that is suitable to you !!

I am a mentor on the Government 'Start Up Business Loans' scheme, expert business plan writer and a Chartered marketing specialist.

Over the last 30 years I have worked in a variety of senior positions at board level relating to, marketing strategy, business development, marketing implementation and digital / social media exposure in the UK and Europe. I also hold a small portfolio of Non-Executive Director positions with SME’s.

Why do PPH people buy this hourlie, What can I do for them with it ?
Most use me as an 'outsourced' marketing and sales dpt carrying out their day to day marketing activities or projects on a 'so many hours a week' basis. And it works !
Or they simply want some help or advice.

I am a Chartered Marketer and freelance business development consultant with over 30 years business experience.
I can give you one hours advice on developing your business, marketing, sales or new business development, for £30 and deliver within 1 day or you can add these together and get more than 1 hour.

I can also look after ALL your day to day marketing needs for so many hours per week for £30 x hours needed.

I can be your outsourced marketing person for 'X' number of hours a week/month.

Or, you may want some questions answered, some general advice, or advice on direction, what to do next, when, how and why.

I can help you answer many of the marketing. sales and business development questions you may have and help you with many aspects of your business. I can help with your marketing ideas , find ideal customers and find ways to ‘get at them’.

I have won a number of UK business consultant awards (eg IAB UK awards for business) and can use this experience to help you grow your business.

I appreciate that many small business's have limited funds, hence my advice is priced per hour.

If you need something 'marketing' or 'business development' doing, then this hourly is ideal for you.

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can write a sales or marketing letter

    Additional 1 working day


What the Freelancer needs to start the work

I just need to know what help / advice you need. Perhaps a one off, perhaps on going mentoring help. A message or a skype or phone call for a chat would be a good start

If it's some advice or help or guidance or a marketing chat then simply an idea of the subject you need advice or help with, then I can deliver this virtually straight away.

If some research or planning is needed or you want me to write, produce or do something, this may take longer but 99% within 12 hours if not straight away !!

Have a look at the feedback, decide how I can help, then lets have a phone or message chat.

I deliver marketing workshops for the Chartered Institute of Marketing to pre start and new businesses; so maybe able to tell you how I can help even if you're not sure !!