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What you get with this Hourlie

Getting the most out of your career whilst making it work for what you want out of life can be a tough challenge. It is a journey I have been on myself and I know how tough it can be.

Ros had been a teacher for over 25 years. But it was affecting her emotional wellbeing and she desperately wanted a change. Only problem is that she had rigid financial commitments and, had no confidence that anyone would hire someone with such ‘limited experience’ and at her age.

Before we could do anything, we needed to improve her confidence – Ros had been a teacher for 25 years, of course she had a wealth of transferable skills!

① Building confidence…
We used structured techniques that helped Ros gain a clear picture of herself, a realistic perspective of her current work situation, and possible opportunities.
This gave way to further discussion and actions. For instance, we devised some techniques to make her current work position better, and I encouraged Ros to pursue hobbies she had neglected.
As Ros started gaining confidence, we began thinking about the qualities she liked about her job and what new skills/experiences she wanted from her future career.

②The exciting part starts…
We used our discussions list possible careers that Ros would enjoy. We could worry about how we could make it happen later. After Ros shortlisted 2 possible career paths, she researched how to get there e.g. qualifications.
Ros decided that she liked the idea of working with adults in a supportive capacity and chose a career as a counsellor.

③ Making dreams a reality…
Ros needed a few years to get qualified (which also costed money) so we needed to think of a way that helped her transition into her new career.

Although for now, Ros needed to stay in teaching:
* We had found practical ways to make her current job less stressful
* Ros had started to gain a good work/life balance
* Ros had a plan that helped her transition into her new career in a way that met the demands of her life

Why me?
I’m not a certified coach – let me get that clear! But this means that I’m not attached to a methodology. Instead I am steered by my pastoral experience as an ex teacher, my mentoring experience as a past and present trainer, and my recruitment experience as a past manager.

Please get in touch BEFORE you purchase the Hourlie so we can discuss your requirements.

What the Seller needs to start the work

As much information as possible about yourself and your goals. What you want to achieve from these sessions.