Provide a specific financial service (per hour)

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What you get with this Offer

When we work together, we ensure you get more value for your cash.
*** What comes with this offer? ***
We will provide in-depth and high-quality support for your financial needs, whether you are an established business, start-up, a partnership, sole trader, or a limited company, we can help you and we will go above your own expectations, and ensure you get the quality you deserve and need.
This service can include support in areas such as
- Tax (personal and corporate)
- Turnarounds
- Cash flow management and forecasting
- Acquisitions
- Account management
- Financial plans
- Bookkeeping
- budgets
This will be custom designed for your organisation or personal needs.
Message us to see what we can do for you.
*** What about the price? ***
The price is based on per hour. As I am sure you understand each support in financial matters is different and can take different time frames.
But don't let this put you off. The great thing about us is we try to match your budget or beat it. This is something very few consultants do, and this is what makes us so special and unlike the rest and we will always give you a fixed price before a project starts.
*** Why us? ***
If you're not convinced already, let me tell you why we are the best.
- Quality financial support tailored to your needs.
- We aim for your needs, not ours.
- We try to reach your budget and even beat it (we will try and make it as low as we possibly can, for a high-quality service).
- A trustworthy, no-nonsense workforce that gets the job done.
- We have expertise in a range of areas, whatever your business.
- We will keep you updated on the process of the support so it is more convenient for you.
- Accurate time frames and fixed prices.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

first, I will need -
- what service it is you require
- your budget

What we need from you after this, depends on the service required, message us to find out.