Prepare and or complie 1 legal documentation

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1 day
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within a few hours

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What you get with this Hourlie

Everything is subject to agreement including page and document size; Do share your requirement before purchasing this hourly!

Basic fee as low as $$ no terms apply! First 10 person in any given day will get special fees mentioned here-under

To keep freeloading clients/ hourly copy pasting agents, at bay this hourly is available on request at discount; if you are genuine then please feel free to write in and if you are free work seekers then do try & test my "fraud investigation skills"!

Beating Blues Monday **
Rejuvenating Tuesday **!
Midweek Fun Wednesday-Thursday *&@
Weekend waiting Friday *@!
Weekend JAW DROP DEALS Saturday-Sunday @@)
For bare-bone documents @ $$ any day

***I am a qualified Indian Lawyer!****

By using this hourly you may order 1 document up-to 12 page(A4) in general subject to agreement

If you require more documentation, you can request so!

Please share your requirement details, so to help me proceed in this!

*********Points to remember and respect*****

1. It is highly recommended that you must share your requirement at the time of purchase do not delay more than 25 minutes! I would not be forwarding reminders, you delay you loose, doc size up-per agreement.

2. Want to discuss over Skype and or Ostel( secure), Other-voice call, no additional fee,, if your total fee is more than one hundred.

3.You cannot share your requirement within 30 min no problem! use add-on (not applicable currently, on demand)

4. No bluffing! No malice!!

5.Additional work,(4320 minutes or 5 counts of support only) out of scope, work, advice are chargeable additionally

6. Please maintain professional environment of this forum am not here to do anything but deliver quality & on time!

Thank you


Get more with Hourlie Add-ons

  • I can skype discussion

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can advice

    Requires no additional time

  • I can 30 min dalay

    Additional 1 working day

  • I can review 2x times

    Additional 2 working days

  • I can review 2x

    Additional 3 working days

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Seller needs to start the work

Please share your name, other party name and business details etc as is required to draft a piece of document. Please do not delay, in sharing brief about your business, I want to deliver fast, please help me serve you faster! I value punctuality so please do not yes 15 minute is late.