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eBay Optimisation & SEO
Optimise eBay Listings - eBay Shop infrastructure optimised for SEO eBay Listings - include optimised eBay titles, Item Specifics and other settings, plus advice and reports on eBay Seller metrics, eBay promotional opportunities and Barcodes
Do you find eBay’s search engine baffling? How do you improve and optimise your eBay account? What works for eBay SEO and pleases Cassini?
We provide an expert service to fully optimise your account and listings, in order to boost you up the search results and improve sales.
As a quick fix, you may want your titles optimised, and we charge just £15 per unique listing to make sure all your keywords are in place.
Titles are one of the most important elements of a successful eBay listing, but getting a title right is not easy. What do you put in? What must you leave out? How do you choose which are the most important keywords?
With over 15 years’ experience studying and writing titles, Selling on eBay UK can make sure that your products get the best chance possible to rank highly in search results through optimised titles.
But optimisation is not just about titles – we can also check and improve other areas of your account such as Item Specifics and the shop infrastructure, to make sure your entire eBay shop is performing as efficiently as possible.
This optimisation process, once complete, will result in improved search results and increased sales. As long as Selling On eBay UK have complete control of the changes required, we GUARANTEE that your sales will increase as a result of our complete optimisation package. (Guarantee does not apply to just titles optimised.)

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