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What you get with this Hourlie

I can design a modernized Coat of Arms like the one I show as a sample, I can also make it more traditional-looking. Some traditional Coat of Arms that portrayed a marriage would have two shields instead of one.

The idea is to create a personal work of art that sort of describes you, when a friend saw mine he went: "dude, that is SOOOOO you", this is the idea. Taking it further it could also be used to decorate a business.

These are the explanations of the symbol choices for my sample:
Crest: Freedom above all
Helm: Memory, Death and Time.
Supporters: The two poles that measure our thoughts and actions: creation/benefit/joy vs. destruction/damage/sorrow.
Shield: Framed by Perception.
Centre: We are at the centre of our reality, but we are still part of Everything.
Top: Our world
Bottom: Me, walking forwards, transition.
Left and Right: Actions: Creation, enjoyment and Defence against harm or manipulation.
Tree: Evolution and Nature, which frames it all.
Motto: Exploration and knowledge.
What is NOT present: fear

The price reflects the amount of detail and hours invested, and for something as intricate I may need more than five days, for this and for simpler designs please always request a customized Hourlie.

Note that the 2nd and 3rd samples are not mine, but reference only, as the Hourlies require me to put three samples.

My terms:

• This is meant to be a personal work of art, for which not the artist nor the client will have the rights to reproduce or resell the artwork.
• All sketches and preliminary work remain property of the artist.
• Artist reserves the right to use art for self-promotion. (i.e. website, portfolio, promotional directories), likewise the client is free to publish the image for non-profit purposes.
• Client may not edit, correct, adapt, modify or change the finished artwork in any way without written permission from the artist.
• Client will indemnify and hold artist harmless against any claim arising from artist’s reliance upon reference material provided to the artist by the client.
• There can be no refunds on an product that has already been delivered at full resolution.

* PPH's fees included on my fees.

What the Seller needs to start the work

I would ask you to look at my sample well (the first one, the one I made), and tell me how would you like yours, if you are not sure, then we discuss, I may ask you questions about yourself to draw inspiration, since each person is a universe, the possibilities are endless.