Install Google Analytics so you can analyse your target market and business efforts

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What you get with this Offer

Google. It’s everywhere. And let’s face it; life wouldn’t be the same without it.
But what benefit does it have to businesses other than page results? Well in a nutshell there are four major business benefits when it comes to their exclusive Google Analytics service...

Marketing Campaign Optimisation

Google Analytics reports to you in real time on what’s successful and what’s not in your online marketing campaigns - which lets you pivot and drop what doesn’t work and of course build upon what does.

Website Usability Improvement

It lets you understand how visitors use your website, and therefore where it falls short in satisfying users.

Target Audience Identification

Audience reports within Google Analytics allow you to determine and understand your audience better in terms of locations, age, gender and even interests

Budget Allocation

Use of the analysis Google Analytics offers lets you determine where best to invest further budget

Overall Google Analytics is THE service that lets you tap into resources that are vital for today’s online and bricks and mortar businesses. Be sure to order today!

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

If you have the Cut and Paste code Google may have provided you please forward it to us. Otherwise we’ll set it up for you.