★ GO VIRAL! | Best hourlie for online business (GROWTH HACKING METHOD) ★

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What you get with this Hourlie

 Attention!
Marketing methods in this hourlie will make your online business goes viral with a lot of positive feedbacks, reviews & recommendations + unlimited traffic, signups, leads. GUARANTEED!



“Yes, congratulation to you that you’ve already a few step away from the REAL secret that makes Amazon, Facebook, Google, Ebay, Twitter, Clickbank, Paypal, CPA networks etc become “internet kings” since you can’t remember, but, you’ve never see any of their advertising campaign.

The websites of the “internet kings” above are designed to go “VIRAL”. But they know that a viral-ready site is not enough; so they create and run a “psychological” system that well designed to make their business goes viral which is obviously can be implemented to your business as well.

If you’ve already spent your last few years on SEO and content marketing so keep it up. But, really, you need to be aware of something above those two called GROWTH HACKING.

My name is Taufik Rubra. I used to be a biz developer in an established online media advertising company. In this hourlie, I will design & implement a viral method you can’t find anywhere.


This method is all about to make hundreds or even thousands of people to spread information about you in unlimited viral depth using psychology buttons. People will aware about you without any advertising campaign (GUARANTEED!). You’ll be the where-to-go company in your industry (depends to your competitor). Have unlimited traffic rolling like a snowball. Signups, leads & sales will be generated!.

The methods will works only on the following online business :

• All business with referral program or affiliate program
• All business in making money online niche
• All kind of social media & dating site
• Auction and/or E-commerce or online store
• Ad network & CPA/Affiliate network
• Web/blog platform (free & paid)
• Online marketplace

* If your business is not listed above please contact me for discussion.
*Please read carefully the BENEFITS and TOS in the client area

Basic hourlie :
I’ll analyze your online business and write 20-50 pages of effective marketing plan + tested growth hacking method & viral campaign. You can also hire me to implement the plan via this hourlie for maximum & faster result.

- All methods are tested (personal experience)
- Methods are different each business or using combination of some methods

What the Seller needs to start the work

I need a detailed information about your business & your offer, last marketing campaign, social channels etc. It’s recommended to contact me for discussion before making a purchase.

Please read the SOW, TOS and BENEFITS below :
 Marketing plan overview :
Objectives, Tactic & strategies (traffic generation & lead generation), viral management (on-site & off-site), Social channels & PR, off-site tactics, remarketing use, additional recommendations etc etc.

- No paid traffic. (if there a chance. If no, paid traffic will be needed one time only as traffic source)
- No time consuming work including SEO
- No spammy work
- No blackhat methods

• You’re going to be FAMOUS! (guaranteed)
• Unlimited viral traffic
• Unlimited sign ups/leads
• Increase sales, significantly

• People will recommend you/selling you
• You’ll be known as “solution!”

• Beat your competitors using latest growth hacking methods including SMM, GPTs, Blog, Forum etc
• Build your own affiliate/publisher army
• Reach your next level in timely fashion. Measurable!

 Note :
- A separated product/website/writing work/video etc may required depends to your business or offer.
- Listed price is only for the plan. I will implement my methods to your business as separated deal.

Best Regards,
Taufik R
Digital Business Practitioner