Fully integrate ActiveCampaign with your WordPress website

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What you get with this Offer

Get the most out of ActiveCampaign with this offer!

Utilise ActiveCampaign's strongest features by integrating it fully with your website.


Integrated Forms:
Send your website form data directly into ActiveCampaign and seamlessly integrate ActiveCampaign forms into your website design.


Email Template Design:
Clean, responsive, modern and fully branded. Give your business the inbox presence it deserves and provide your users with emails they will want to read!


Site Tracking:
With Site Tracking you can create marketing & sales processes that automatically adapt as your contacts interact with your website:

• You can trigger a message with a coupon code to send 30 minutes after a contact views a product page of your site... but only if they didn't make a purchase.
• You can apply a tag to indicate a contact's interest and begin a targeted follow-up sequence after two or more visits to a specific product category.
• You can fork an automation so you treat a contact differently if they've already viewed a certain page of your site.
• You can have automations only begin if a contact has viewed a page of your site
• You can automatically move contacts to another stage of your sales pipeline when they view 3 or more important pages of your website (such as your pricing, product, and demo pages).
• You can increase or decrease a contact or lead score on the basis of visits and views of specific pages.
• You can personalise the content of your campaigns based on what categories of your site a contact has repeatedly viewed (using Conditional Content).

By combining Site Tracking data with other behavioral data (such as email campaign opens, link clicks, and form submits), you can accurately identify exactly what information and products are most important and interesting to each contact so you can target your cross-channel messages with content and offers you know appeal to them. This will increase the relevance of your messages beginning a positive feedback loop that ultimately leads to happier contacts and higher conversions.

Get more with Offer Add-ons

  • I can add an event tracker

    Requires no additional time

  • I can set up your ActiveCampaign account

    Requires no additional time

  • I can create an RSS based campaign

    Requires no additional time

  • I can deliver all work in 1 working day

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

To get started, I will just need your ActiveCampaign and WordPress logins.

Not yet set up your ActiveCampaign account?
Let me do that for you by purchasing the add on. I will advise what subscription package is most relevant to your needs, make all the requires DNS record changes and verify your domain for white labelled sending. Once done, I will even walk you through the fundamentals of the ActiveCampaign dashboard.