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What you get with this Offer

Whether you’re a copywriter or a marketer, the conversion is ultimately your core objective.

As a business owner or adviser, your main goal should be maximizing ROI for your company or clients and to that end, you must maximize conversions. One of the most effective ways to measure and find out what converts best is by running Split Testing campaigns and that is precisely what this service aims to do for you. In this particular case, we will split test HEADLINES.

★ Why your headline matters?

The headline is the advertisement for your advertisement: an attempt to persuade the reader to keep reading.

You can create the most perfect body copy with the most sumptuous offer and the most elegant graphics, but the copy and body will ONLY work when the headline stops the reader and persuades him or her to pay attention to you.

You can only convert if people read your offer. And your headline is key. Research by Eyetrack III that dominant headlines most often draw people’s eyes first when they enter a Web page – especially when the headline is in the upper left.

★ What can I expect?

✔ Consultation on Business Goals
✔ Create 5 Headlines
✔ Set up 5 Headlines AB test
✔ Install the AB testing tool
✔ 14-day report


⇒ Will this test will affect my SEO?

⇒ How long the test will take?
The test will depend on your website's traffic. If the website traffic on the testing page is over 1,000 per day, then within 2 days time we can see the winner. Lesser the traffic, the more time it will take to find a winner.

⇒ Can we use a free tool like Google Optimizely?

⇒ How many similar tests you did?
We've executed over 300 headline A/B testing for our clients. Besides, we also executed more complex testings.

⇒ Why us?
Try us with one small project and compare your experience with your past provider. You will see the difference. Our current business runs from our existing clients. We are still working with clients with whom we started work in 2008.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Before purchasing this service bundle, please make sure you have an active account on Google Optimizely, VWO or equivalent for A/B testing, as that is NOT included in this service bundle.