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What you get with this Hourlie

As a regular bidder for Excel and ACCESS work, I find that buyer decision-making is often delayed because of difficulty in fully-understanding the ‘technobabble’ of the bids.

This is particularly true where the seller is suggesting a technical solution which is somewhat different from the buyer’s original request.

What is required, but not often available, is a basic process of evaluating the bidders and their bids for feasibility.

For many years, my main business was IT Staff Recruitment so I am particularly well-qualified to assess the bidders as well as their bids.

For a fixed-fee of £60, I can discuss your requirements in some depth and evaluate these against the received bids.

I can also suggest additional follow-up questions which might be put to the individual bidders.

Deliverable with be a written report on the bids together with other written and telephone correspondence, as required.

Price is based on a maximum of 3 hours work.

To maintain impartiality, I am happy to refrain from bidding for the work myself ─ if that is your preference.

Of course, the quality of the bids will be directly related to the quality of the original specification ─ I also offer a ‘specification-writing’ hourly.

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  • I can write your specification for EXCEL / ACCESS work

    Additional 1 working day


What the Seller needs to start the work

Initially, a conversation to discuss your requirement - also, please provide any any written material relating to the job specification.