Do UX Competitor Analysis for 3 websites or apps

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What you get with this Offer

What I will do:
I will do UX Competitor Analysis for 3 websites or apps you chose within 3 days. I will analyze and benchmark for 3 hours and note down the findings. You will receive a report in PDF summarizing the findings with screenshots.

What is a UX Competitor Analysis:
A UX competitor analysis involves inspecting competitor sites to see how they design for similar user needs. We can analyze direct competitor companies operating in the same sector or products have similar features with your website/app.

What you will get:
A UX Competitor Analysis report of 3 websites/apps in PDF summarizing the findings with screenshots. You can choose to have the analysis of "2 competitor websites/apps + your website /app” or “3 competitor websites/apps”.

How I make the analysis?
1. Specify the requirements and define the scope with you.
2. Review the 3 websites or apps according to the scope.
3. Analyze, and give you the results.

Why to choose this service:
- You can see different features or design / problem solving approaches from your competitors.
- We can focus on specific features or visual elements ( i.e., sign in, checkout, error prevention, system feedbacks, layout, etc.)
- We can focus on specific pages (i.e., home page, shopping cart, product listing page etc.)

Who I am:
I am an experienced User Experience Researcher and Designer. I have analyzed various websites from different sectors such as e-commerce, shipping, banking and airlines.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

What I need before start:
- 3 websites/apps you chose to be analyzed and features/ pages that needs to be analyzed
- Link of your existing website or app (if any) and a brief description of your product