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What you get with this Hourlie

By using the methods of hypnosis and other contextual psychology methods, I will help you to gain confidence and establish positive change to live a more empowering and positive life as a confident person.

Many people came to see me to gain more confidence. The sessions I do with clients enables the client to be in control and you are fully aware of everything going on around you. For a moment close your eyes and count from 5-1 and open your eyes. That's what hypnosis feels like. The only difference you'll experience between the example and the confidence building session is, you will open your eyes as a new confident person that gained the needed learnings and skills to face their challenges while being confident.

During our first session that will be held via Skype, we will do a pre-talk to allow you to share with me why you would like to be more confident and to ask me any questions you'd like regarding the session or hypnosis. I will also ask you a few questions to gain an understanding of your situation and the challenge you face to enable me to write an effective confidence-building hypnosis script for you.

During our second session, you will receive and experience the following:

1) We will start with the session and do hypnosis. We will start with the induction which will enable you to just relax and forget about any stress you may have. We then move on to the deepener that allows you to relax more, which enables your subconscious mind to open more to receive the positive confident building suggestions I will give you.

2) We will do a little bit mindfulness meditation to help you to be focused in the present moment.

3) We will do the suggestive part of the session. This is where I'll give you the positive suggestions to enable you to be a more confident person and to enjoy life more.

4) We will do the post-hypnotic suggestions which are basically like a reinforcement of the suggestive part of the script. We will then move on to awakening and then 1,2,3, you are awake and fully alert and confident.

At the end of the session, I will send you 2 mp3's. The first mp3 will help you to build confidence and add to the suggestions of our session. This mp3 you can listen at night before you go to bed.
The second mp3 is a mindfulness meditation mp3 that will help you to be more focused on the present moment and be also focused on the things that are important to you.

Please Contact Me Before Booking a Session

What the Seller needs to start the work

I will need the following for the client:

Filled in forms from the client that I've sent to you via people per hour inbox.

Medical History form
Permission Form