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What you get with this Offer

Do not let fundamental errors such as vague assumptions, grammar errors, poor organisation of content, and unrealistic financial planning assumptions affect your chances of getting funded. The purpose of this offer is to ensure that your Business Plan resonates with the expectations of the investor. These are the areas that I will check:

1) Grammar & Typography – Does your business plan have grammar/typographic errors?
It will always helps for a ‘second eye’ to take at look at grammar issues since certain small issues may be overlooked.

2) Structure & Organisation - How well is your business plan organised?
The objective here is to check on:
i) Logical flow of information - Whether information flows in a logical manner from one section to the next;
ii) Hierarchy and organisation of topics - Whether there is good organisation of hierarchy, for example, whether hierarchy of topics is well addressed through the use of headings and sub-headings, size of fonts, etc
iii) Use of Visual Aids – whether these have been employed to reduce long pages of prose and to help the reader understand data and figures more easily.
iv) Other relevant checks

3) Exploitation of the Business Opportunity - Does your business strategy work to exploit the opportunity you have identified?
Here, I will look at:
i) The constitution of your Top Management team i.e. the person/people responsible of managing the business
ii) Your go-to market strategy
iii) Other relevant checks

4) Financial projections
Some of the things I will check include:
i) Profitability – is it realistic or too ambitious
ii) Cash flow – is cash flow healthy?
iii) Advertisement and promotions – if your spending on this is adequate
iv) Salary/wages – if your compensation or top management team’s compensation is reasonable or excessive
v) Is your revenue in good proportion to the market size?
Other relevant checks

1) This offer is advisory only and does not include re-writing or re-formulation of your business plan
2) Please check on my availability before purchasing the offer

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