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Knowing more about your industry and your potential customers than your competition can be a highly leverage-able strength and provide you with a decided advantage in the marketplace.

This hourlie provides an in-depth research and Analysis of the competition, based on your product, services or company.

Competitive strengths (and weaknesses) can be assessed in a variety of areas: strength in industry sales (market share), intellectual property strengths (proprietary processes or patents, trademarks) or financial strengths. Others are price, location, technology, management, customer satisfaction, channels, efficient production processes, skills, innovation, etc

You will want to identify all of the primary competitors who are currently selling their products/ services in your industry. Then you’ll want to research:

• Approximate size of each competitive brand in terms of sales or market share.
• Features (what the product offers) and benefits (what the consumer gets by using that product) of each competitive entry.
• The way in which the product/service reaches the customer (the channel of distribution). For example: Is the product/service just sold at retail or via online as well? How does the product reach the retail outlet, directly from the manufacturer or through a wholesaler? Who are these retailers?
• Retail and wholesale price of the competitive brand.

You will want to be able to demonstrate how your product/service compares to key competition as well as the opinions and perceptions of potential customers.

This Analysis helps you re-position your product, service or company to gaining more footprint in the operational space.

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