Develop your risk management plan

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What you get with this Offer

Risk management plan based on a logical approach aligned with the International Risk Management Standard

As an experienced and successful Risk Manager of many decades, I will address your risks systematically - to mitigate their negative effect - and explore potential opportunities.

I will apply a workflow - focusing on “control assurance” - and ensuring alignment with the International Standard for Risk Management ISO 31000.

The approach is supported by an Excel Workbook and integrates the following key considerations:
Stakeholders - who has an interest in the management of this risk and how should each stakeholder be communicated to and consulted with?
Risk Statements - clear risk identification of the uncertain event, its causes, and its effects?
Current Treatments - what are we currently doing to reduce or eliminate this risk – and how effective is it?
Consequences - what might happen if the situation continues (i.e. we do nothing more than we have currently done)?
Likelihood - given the current arrangements, how likely are the consequences?
Potential Proposed Treatments - what could we propose doing which might reduce or eliminate this risk - and what new risks might be introduced if we take this action?

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

If you can provide any information about your context we can get off to a flying start.
If you have a business plan - or similar - that will be a good start.